An old barn on a horse farm at Long Beach in Noordhoek, not far from the Cape Town city centre, is the home of TUNGOMA Furniture Art and Soul.

TUNGOMA builds premium furniture and living accessories from high-end, natural materials. The company was founded by Martin Bartholomae, a woodworker who combines technical excellence with eclectic cultural influences.

Many years of research revealed to Martin that the laws of creation in temples, cathedrals and other spaces of outstanding beauty reflect the same laws present in nature and he has incorporated this knowledge into his work.

"I love what I do. The beauty of nature inspires me and the magical process of transforming raw timber planks into the finest, exclusive wood surfaces is exciting and invigorating time and time again.
In everything I build, harmonic proportions play a very important role.
It is like in music, where only integer proportions create harmonic chords.
Only if the proportions are right, we consider a building, a room or a piece of furniture beautiful and only then does it feel good and makes us happy."

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